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Give joy with Cielo Glow-In-The-Dark products

For almost 40 years, the unique Cielo glow-in-the-dark products have been bringing the magic of the calming, soothing and magically glowing stars & lambs into the bedroom for children and adults.

Illuminating the Cielo glowing products for about 1 minute with (as bright as possible) daylight or artificial light – shortly before switching off the light – they will glow magically and wonderfully for many hours to come. This makes going to bed a delight again and again.

The Cielo glow-in-the-dark products are self-adhesive.
Our promise: The Cielo glowing foils are safe for pets and children, free of plasticizers, phosphorus or any radioactive materials. Fairly produced and fairly traded, our products and production tools are proudly manufactured and packed exclusively in Germany.

Cielo Leucht-Produkte - Angebot Kreativ Leuchtfolie

Cielo product of the month: Special offer Cielo glowing creative foil until December 31st 2020!

Everything that needs to glow in the dark can now be easily cut out with scissors or hobbyknife.