Production & Safety

The basis of the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products is an eco-friendly, self-adhesive, PVC & plasticizer-free foil, to which the unique Cielo glow-in-the-dark paint is applied via silk-screen printing.

About 20 years ago, the “Sendung mit der Maus”, a popular german educational Kids show on TV, made a really great film about the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products. Watch the film here.

The Cielo glow-in-the-dark paint is naturally free of phosphorus and radioactivity. The Cielo glow-in-the-dark paint contains fluorescent pigments specially formulated for Cielo, which are immersed in an absolutely eco-friendly paint. In the next manufacturing step, the large print sheets are cut to their final size. The stars and figures are then punched using punching tools that are handmade in Germany.

We receive our lovingly designed packaging from a partner printing company. These are then folded by hand and filled with the respective Cielo materials. All packaging, storage and delivery is done from our manufacturing facility in Neuss near Düsseldorf supervised by Peter Hytrek, owner and CEO of DINAX GmbH.

Peter Hytrek, owner and CEO of DINAX GmbH

“We are really proud to be able to continue the business with the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products within our family,” says Peter Hytrek, owner and CEO of DINAX GmbH from neuss/Germany. “I myself have had the unique Cielo glowing products in all my bedrooms since my childhood – until today”.

The self-adhesive Cielo glow-in-the-dark products, their components, tools and packaging are all manufactured exclusively in Germany.


How to apply the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products?

The self-adhesive Cielo products can be easily applied to the wallpaper or paint of walls, furniture or other objects. The product sticks best to a smooth, clean, dry surface. In the case of wallpaper, we recommend initially vacuuming the corresponding surface with a brush vacuum cleaner attachment. In general, it is highly recommended to clean all surfaces from dust and grease before application. The Cielo glow-in-the-dark mobile can be easily hung with a small nail, a thumbtack or tape.

How many hours do my Cielo glow-in-the-dark stars shine?

We have not found a single product on the market that is suitable for children and will glow for nearly as long as the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products!
For the best possible long-lasting luminosity, it is recommended that the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products are illuminated as intensively as possible before switching off the light. The stronger the light source, the brighter and the longer the stars, shepherds and lambs will shine.

The initial brightness decreases a little at the beginning (within the first 30 minutes or so), but they shine all night long. In an absolutely dark room you can still see the glow clearly in the following morning.

Can I paint on the Cielo-Creative foil?

This is an excellent idea and yes, it really works. The painted surfaces should be painted as thin as possible. We have had great experience with text markers and color pencils. The thinner you paint the surface, the better it glows at night. But please be a little careful with the text marker: The color of the text marker needs a little time to dry and can be toxic.

Can I reuse my Cielo glow-in-the-dark stars when we move?

The Cielo glow-in-the-dark mobile can of course be easily removed and hung up somewhere else. However, this is honestly not the case with the self-adhesive products. Like many other stickers, they are removable, but in most cases they will not stick very well afterwards.

How long do Cielo glow-in-the-dark products hold their glowing characteristics?

As already mentioned, the glow duration of Cielo lighting products is unsurpassed on the market for products suitable for children. This also applies to their durability. We still have foils here from the first production more than 30 years ago… And what can we tell you: they still glow as wonderfully as on the first day!

How adhesive are the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products?

The adhesive foil of Cielo glow-in-the-dark products is coated with a so-called permanent adhesive. If the surface is smooth, free of grease and dust, the stars, moons, shepherds and lambs will adhere securely and for many years. On fabric or paper wallpapers, the adhesive properties are very different. But if you press the products firmly in place, they will stick even to woodchip wallpaper without any problems.

TIP: Please clean the surface. It should be free of grease and dust. For wallpaper, it has been found to be a good idea to thoroughly vacuum the surfaces with a vacuum cleaner (with brush attached).

Attention: As with all really permanent “stickers”, adhesive residues may remain on the surface when removing. If the sticker is pulled off too quickly, slight damage to the surface may also occur (peeling of the surface). Hence too, the Cielo light products probably do not differ much from other stickers you know. So be careful and proceed slowly ?.

A family member has swallowed a star, what now?

We are not doctors and are therefore naturally not allowed to give any recommendations for action. Below in the “environmental information” you will find answers to the most important ingredients.
We have heard that there is nothing to worry about, even if more than one little star enters the body by mouth… But if in doubt, please always contact your doctor!

Do you have environmental information about the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products?

Of course. We are so convinced of our products that we speak openly about them!

The adhesive used is a permanent acrylic adhesive on dispersion basis. It was developed especially for polyolefin films. The adhesive used is approved by the Federal Institute for Consumer Health Protection and Veterinary Medicine (BgVV) for direct food contact on dry and moist, non-alcoholic and non-greasy food.

Furthermore, it meets the requirements of the “Toy Standard” EN 71-3.

The foil is PVC & plasticizer free. It is eco-friendly, because: during production, processing, incineration or waste disposal of the foils, the environment is not heavily polluted. No toxic chlorine compounds such as dioxins or furans are produced during incineration. Polyolefins are inert, i.e. “low-reaction” plastics. They behave neutrally when deposited in landfills.

The back of the adhesive foil (the so-called cover board) is wood-free & moisture-stabilizing.
The luminous pigments are a mixture of zinc sulfite and strontium aluminate – free of radioactive radiation.

In Germany, the standards for manufacturing products are extremely high and safe. This is another reason why we manufacture and purchase everything we need in Germany. Secure in terms of environmental protection and workplace safety.

Please understand we have to publis the following general statement for legal reasons on our website:

The above information represents our current experience. In case of doubt, it is the responsibility of the orderer / purchaser to check for himself before using the product whether it is suitable for the intended purpose – also with regard to possible application-effective influences. All questions of warranty and liability, including the warranty period for this product, shall be based on our currently valid General Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless mandatory statutory provisions provide otherwise. Of course, we reserve the right to make technical improvements at any time.