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The Cielo success story

The success story of the Cielo glow-in-the-dark Stars

began almost 40 years ago with the joyful event of the birth of a sweet, baby girl – let’s call her Barbara.

To make falling asleep after the bedtime stories even more enjoyable, the girl’s father remembered a scale-model pirate ship he had once built. This pirate ship had a flag with skull and crossbones on it (just like every good pirate ship should) and this flag glowed in the dark. Barbara’s father couldn’t get it out of his head and started the laborious search for such a fluorescent color and after a long research he finally found it.

And so the whole family hand-crafted stars and painted them with this color. They were glued to the ceiling above the little girl’s bed and the room was darkened.

It was wonderful. The stars glowed gently and it was magical.

When the little girl’s friends came over, they all played a new game:
Lights on – wait a minute – lights off – and Ahhhhh !!

Cielo - Leuchtsterne - Zeichnung

Of course, all her little friends also wanted to have such stars and so Barbara’s father made some more.

It was then clear that every child would enjoy a gentle glowing starry sky when they were going to sleep. However, this glow-in-the dark starry sky had never been seen before in Germany.

Cielo - Leucht-Schäfchen Mobile - Zeichnung

So, he continued tinkering and experimenting. The name “Cielo-Leuchtsterne” was invented. It was found to be good and the first handmade package was introduced to a beautiful toy store in Munich.

The store employees were instantly enthusiastic about it and began selling the Cielo glowing stars at once.  Numerous toy stores throughout Germany soon followed. The result was highly professional production of Cielo-Leuchtsterne products.

Cielo - Leuchtsterne - Archiv - Verpackung

This was the beginning of the children’s (and parents’) great love for the Cielo glow-in-the-dark stars, which continues to this very day. In the meantime, the exquisite range of products has been further extended. The Cielo glowing products now also include for example shepherds and sheep, a mobile & a creative foil.

The luminosity of the unique Cielo glowing products will remain even after decades of enjoyment. They are still made in Germany, designed and marketed by our family. Testing shows they are outstanding in terms of luminosity and glow duration. The Cielo glow-in-the-dark stars are the original.

Grandchildren of the original children are falling asleep with the Cielo glow-in-the-dark products. They have become a real classic

Cielo - Leucht-Schäfchen Mobile - Zeichnung