Cielo glowing creative foil


Self-adhesive afterglow foil to cut out

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Cielo Creative glow-in-the-dark foil is unique and brings huge fun for young and old.

Everything that needs to glow in the dark can now be easily cut out with scissors or hobbyknife.

Let your imagination run free.

Fairy tale figures, ghosts, bats, symbols, geometric figures, ufos, planets …

Party and disco gags – like headbands, earrings, stickers for fingernails and skin, create a great effect in the dark party room or in the black light of the disco.

More ideas with cutting patterns can be found in the packaging.

Cielo Creativ glow-in-the-dark foil can be easily painted and sticks to all smooth surfaces.

Cielo Creativ glow-in-the-dark foil should be illuminated as brightly as possible at least 1 minute before extinguishing the light, so that it can glow wonderfully in the dark.

Cielo Creativ glow-in-the-dark foil does not lose its unique afterglowing effect even after many years.